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This Blog has something to with the phrase "Viva La Revolcion" For the sake to expose awareness. There are no secrets in this world, This blog contains and reveals the immortal truth of how the government is trying to control our planet while hiding behind there faceless GOD. Our problem is that we are peaceful, and we believe in our people.

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Matt Bors on a black metrosexual Abe Lincoln


Matt Bors on a black metrosexual Abe Lincoln

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What might Ayatollah Ali Khamenei be making of America’s noisy Iran talk this week? Our Lexington columnist eavesdrops.


What might Ayatollah Ali Khamenei be making of America’s noisy Iran talk this week? Our Lexington columnist eavesdrops.

Remains of some 9/11 victims sent to landfill

Pentagon admittance comes after report exposes years of mishandlings at a major US military mortuary.

Revelations to 9/11 victims.

'CIA & Western media's total fiasco in Syria'

Calls for tougher economic sanctions against Syria are getting louder at the ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting in Tunisia, with the EU already preparing to freeze the Syrian Central Bank assets next week. It’s among the new measures to cripple the Assad regime being proposed by the U.S. and its allies, as they gather to hammer out the Syrian crisis. German government consultant Christoph Horstel thinks that the West is trying to transplant its regime-change strategy from Libya to Syria.

Children caught in the middle of US deportation case

Keiser Report: Rich guys totally observe you

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the riches made monitoring the population and the pittance paid for agreeing to be monitored. The also discuss the Serious Organised Crime Agency threatening to monitor Stacy for following a link while Max envisions a future in which granny gets it. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Charles Hugh Smith of about social fractals, tanking energy consumption and a citizenship futures market. After watching this report, I’m surprised how retarded the system is for the sake of power and money, but yet I’m not surprised. 


Zeitgeist : Addendum


Saving the Cancer: ‘Greece sacrificed in name of dying EU’

Greek party leaders have sent written commitments to Brussels saying they will stick to the agreed austerity measures even after the general elections in April. There are still EU demands Athens failed to fulfill, which led to the cancellation of a key meeting of Eurozone finance ministers. Greece is still struggling to secure the second bailout from its international creditors, without which it’s due to default next month. 

“If the Greeks value their freedom in any way, in point of fact their sovereignty, they will burn all of the banks to the ground. Then they will reinstate their sovereign currency backed by real value. Then expel the austerity slavers with lethal force.”


'US backs Al-Qaeda to mutually destroy Syria'

The Arab League is mulling over what further action to take on the crisis in Syria, with reports of escalating violence. Meanwhile, the head of the group’s observer mission has resigned - just as a proposal is being considered to again send monitors from the League and the UN to the country. Political analyst Dr Adel Samara says the U.S. and Al-Qaeda have similar goals in Syria.

Anonymous Message To The State of Israel


What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

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